Where creativity and cocoa collide! The Perfect Bundle for Valentines.

Where creativity and cocoa collide! The Perfect Bundle for Valentines.

Unexpectedly Joyful Gifts

Coco Bruntsfield and Pairs Scotland

Each month, at PAIRS, we put together a fantastic gift bundle for our subscribers.

This month we are offering the chance to receive a FREE pair of pink mohair socks and a bar of the exquisite Salted Caramel COCO of Bruntsfield chocolate, when you spend £40 or more.

All our socks come beautifully boxed, and wrapped in tissue paper, making this a wonderful option for sending a friend as a present, giving to a loved one for Valentine's Day or treating yourself.

Each month we like to champion a different small brand. This month we have teamed up with the wonderful Edinburgh based COCO Chocolatier of Bruntsfield.

Coco Bruntsfield and Pairs Scotland
Where creativity and cocoa collide! This gourmet chocolate provides the perfect canvas for artistic collaboration. This month's PAIRS gift is a work of art both inside and out and we are delighted to be able to offer it to our loyal subscribers along with our signature pink mohair socks.
COCO source their product at origin, purchasing coverture - high quality chocolate buttons - from Colombia, and using it to create chocolate products in their Edinburgh kitchen. They are proud to contribute to Colombia’s
economy, creating legal jobs that allow local workers to make a steady income, which aligns with Pairs Scotland's ethos of working with native species in South Africa and South America to support indigenous communities when sourcing our fibres for our sustainable socks.
At PAIRS we were drawn to their fabulous packaging initially and have now completely fallen for their delicious chocolate inside!
"Over the years we have collaborated with a number of contemporary artists from all over the world (including Sir Billy Connolly, Timorous Beasties, Atelier Bingo, William LaChance, Tom Pigeon, and many more). We commission bespoke designs that we use as wrappers for our chocolates. This allows our products to look unique, and simultaneously it provides a platform for artists to showcase their work to an audience that may have never come across their art before."
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