New Packaging News

New Packaging News

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that all our packages are now being dispatched in our PAIRS signature packaging. That means that your luxury socks order, whether it’s one pair or ten pairs will first be wrapped in beautiful tissue paper, held in place with a sticker and boxed in a smart PAIRS box. We then pop the box in a recycled transparent mailer which protects it and ensures it’s still in perfect condition when it arrives. We value all orders at PAIRS, no matter what size, and so we only thought it right that all packages should be dispatched the same way. 

Pairs Scotland Packaging

From the outset at PAIRS, it has been incredibly important to us that everything we do is sustainable and that includes packaging. So all our packaging is recyclable and / or recycled. 

This makes PAIRS luxury socks a wonderful choice for gifting, as you can have the confidence you know how your socks will arrive and so how unexpectedly joyful the arrival will be for the recipient. We will also write a gift card for you for a small fee which covers the cost. 

But we know that packaging is an important issue and that many people would prefer an even more environmentally friendly option or perhaps they are just ordering a pair or two for themselves, and therefore we have chosen to introduce a ‘minimal packaging’ option which is available by ticking a box at checkout. If you choose this option then your socks will be sent in a recyclable PAIRS envelope.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, a friend’s birthday or just an ‘I’m thinking of you.’ gift…. you can trust us to beautifully wrap and box your socks and to deliver an unexpectedly joyful experience.