Meet the Makers

Our vision is to create timeless everyday luxuries and put an end to fast fashion and disposable goods. Every time we create a new collection we will bring customers closer to the makers and process, whilst respecting the environment and supporting and sustaining traditional materials and manufacturing.
With thanks to our supplier for images credited to Alex De Palma

Traditionally made in Britain
Sustainably sourced mohair and alpaca
Handfinished socks
Hand linked for comfort
Family run business
Dedicated experts



Sustainable Fibres

It is important to us to support farmers in countries where the animals are native. We source mohair wool from South Africa, and alpaca wool from South America.


From the hills of South Africa to your sock drawer, every stage of the process is embedded with integrity. Our socks are an intelligent, slow fashion choice for those looking for an everyday luxury from a naturally renewable resource. 

Mohair wool is known as the ‘diamond fibre’ which means it is ultra strong. The socks are soft, but looked after well they will last for years. The angora goats, from which we obtain mohair wool, have to withstand extreme temperatures in their native South Africa climate and so mohair will keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Mohair also has antibacterial properties which means the socks can be worn for several days without washing them and they don’t smell.


Image: Roo Macnoughton


We are proud to support the natural socio-ecological process of The Peruvian alpaca industry. From the shepherds and production of the product, the careful use of the resources of the materials used and of the people who participate in the whole process of gathering and preparing the fibres for export.

The Alpaca has a population of approximately 4 million in Peru, representing 75% of the world's alpacas, they provide for thousands of families living in the higher parts of the Andes.

Alpacas are bred at great altitudes in the Peruvian highlands. They have to cope with temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 30+℃ in a day alone. The alpaca wool is very light weight and yet it holds high insulating properties. The socks are durable but incredibly soft, which makes for very comfortable feet. The fibres allow for breathability and moisture absorption from the skin.

Our alpaca socks are knitted and hand finished in a traditional British mill using the sustainably sourced fleeces of alpacas.  Known as the noble fibre, it is luxurious yet, resilient whilst being sumptuously thick and warm.  The strong, breathable fibres of alpaca make these socks the perfect replacement for slippers, whilst giving a lustrous quality to our colour ways.



Image:  Emmett Sparling