How to Structure your Sock Drawer

How to Structure your Sock Drawer

I feel slightly embarrassed to admit the feeling of calm and ‘all is right with the world’ when my sock drawer is tidy and well organised. Other things that give me this feeling are - the grass being freshly cut, the freezer being re-stocked and the kitchen being tidy. How terribly middle aged…. I have just turned forty so please forgive me!

How do you structure the perfect sock drawer for going into Spring / Summer? 

The first thing to understand is you really don’t need many pairs, as all our socks can be worn for a few days between washes. Pared back simplicity is key. A few nice pairs will see you through daily life. 

Where to start?  

For me, I start with a pair or two of mohair socks. Mohair is known as the diamond fibre and is ultra hard wearing and resilient. I use these when I take the dog for a walk or for tucking my leggings in to while exercising. Anyone that knows me will know the exercise sessions are few and far between. 

Then choose a couple of pairs of merino. These are a silky soft sock drawer staple and will go with any shoe. We have them in so many colours and they will add a pop of colour to any outfit. 

Then I would go with a pair of alpaca everyday socks, for when it’s cloudy and raining and you are working from home or just feel like being comfortable. 

Finally a couple of pairs of bed socks - lambswool for sheer robustness, durability and wearing ALL the time, even outside. And the ultra soft ribbed bed socks for the ultimate soft and warm luxury, to wear in place of slippers after 6pm. 

Lastly lastly some bamboo socks for warmer days and trainers. 

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