February 2020 , when viewed now in 2021, seems like a very hope tinged and naive place to start a venture; but in the dusk of a long, Scottish winter’s day, Alice explained her idea to Anna. With the UK unaware as to what was to come, Alice introduced Anna to the glorious world of mohair and alpaca.  Their sock drawers would never be the same again!

Alice and Anna found they had the same vision; to create unexpected joy in the lives of their customers while treading the path of sustainable, thoughtful wares.  And with a background in finance and luxury marketing, their formidable (and very different) experience has paved the way to an exciting partnership.

There is of course a lockdown story as well.

The brand vision, while still rooted in sustainability and slow fashion, had a very different vibe and voice.  Like many, lockdown provided an alternative focus and a new position to view the world.  Glimmers of joy came in the most unexpected places.  It was the small things encountered at home with their families, removed from usual work and social commitments, that genuinely provided unexpected joy.

All work had stopped on the business, but as soon as Alice and Anna were able to meet for a walk, an order was put in to the mill within a week, and a new name and brand vision had been created.

PAIRS Scotland was born and it is hoped the socks bring you as much Unexpected Joy as they have to Alice and Anna.