Spring in My Step

Spring in My Step

What sort of socks do you wear for spring style I hear you ask? My wardrobe essentials are mohair socks in delicious pop colours with floaty dresses and my trusty trainers.

Does anyone else feel like they are just starting to emerge from the longest deepest hibernation? I feel like I have been sporting leggings and my alpaca bed socks for months. 

I feel as a tortoise must, who has had her head tucked firmly within her shell for the last few months. Never has spring felt more welcome this year. With longer days, warmer air and the grass growing again, it is all starting to look rather more rosy. 

When I was about 22 years old I decided I was too old for trainers. My Adidas striped pair and Wilson classic pair had long been discarded and I decided that trainers most definitely spoilt my look. I was never again in all my adult years going to wear trainers. 

How wrong I was. 

The interesting thing about the last year for me has been that I haven’t embraced this period of hibernation to do all the jobs that should have ever been done. I haven’t redecorated my house. I haven’t really even tidied up. Nor have I embraced the garden. Nor have I taken up running. I haven’t even been calling old friends. Hibernation has meant lethargy. 

And then I bought some trainers. A pair of Allbirds if you ask. Suddenly I have bounce. I am charging around the house, going for longer walks, my feet are most definitely back under the desk at PAIRS, after a short maternity leave, and I am meeting friends for coffees and walks. There’s definitely something to be said for tossing the slippers to the side during the day and bouncing around with some spring in my step. 

So what am I wearing for my spring wardrobe essentials? A pair of Allbirds and a pair of mohair socks (a different colour every day to match my dresses!) is my footwear choice of the moment for home and on the move. I feel somehow lighter and freer. My head and feet are well out of the shell and moving. The great thing about mohair socks is that they adjust to your body as the temperature changes and given their near indestructibility, they can cope with a busy lifestyle. 

So the trainers are staying. I am quite happy bouncing around.

blog by Alice