Alpaca or cashmere socks?

Alpaca or cashmere socks?

So what is the difference?

We all know and love cashmere socks, they can be the perfect gift (and if you watch this space you might be unexpectedly joyful about our new collections launching in August... shhhhh!). They feel incredible and what could be nicer than snuggling up on the sofa with a pair of cashmere socks on. But, there are some things to think about when choosing cashmere bed socks versus alpaca bed socks.

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Cashmere feels amazing but alpaca can be just as soft. Alpaca fibres actually get softer over time with wear and improve. Cashmere is prone to piling and holes due to the short length and delicate structure of the fibres. On average they are 4cm long, versus 8-12cm long in alpacas. What does this mean for alpaca bed socks? Well it means they are highly durable and can be used around the house in place of a slipper. Cashmere bed socks are best worn if you are not planning on moving around much…. 

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The alpaca fibre is hollow, which traps air within and makes them even warmer than cashmere. The alpaca wool is also more stretch resistant which helps the socks keep their shape overtime. 

In short, if you want a super soft, durable bed sock that will last a long time, that can be worn as part of a practical part of your loungewear (you can nip off the sofa and make a cuppa while not worrying about your socks) then alpaca might be for you. We love our alpaca bed socks and struggle to take them off. We’ve even been known to slip boots on and head out in them - why not, they will last. I even have a cousin who swears by gardening in them!

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