Perfect PAIRS Presents

Perfect PAIRS Presents

PAIRS Scotland is the absolute go-to for gifts. Everyone needs socks and more importantly everyone needs proper socks! The socks feel amazing and come beautifully packaged. For that special sister, grandfather, best friend (or for yourself!!), you know that they will arrive in our signature packaging - where no further gift wrap is required. We will even write a card for you and will pop them in the post where they will whirl their way to your friend’s doormat for an unexpectedly joyful surprise. 

Perfect Presents from Pairs Scotland


It can be hard to know what to send and so for gifting we recommend sending one of our bundles - they are like variety packs, as it were, so the recipient can try all we have on offer. 

Our Everyday Alpaca and Mohair Bundle contains one of each sock for £30. Mohair is known as the ‘diamond fibre’ and is ultra tough. It is even used in airline seats! However, it is still soft and the real bonus is that the socks can go in the standard wash. Alpaca is a softer fibre and feels like a real treat for the feet - like your feet are having a spa all day. Our Everyday Alpaca and Mohair Bundle means you can try both. 

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We also have an Everyday Alpaca, Mohair and Bed Sock (scroll down a bit!) bundle for £45. With this pack, in addition to an everyday pair of mohair and alpaca socks, you get a pair of alpaca bed socks. These are spun with 90% alpaca, which are ultra warm and lightweight, due to the hollow fibres. They are remarkably resilient and can be worn around the house in place of slippers. 

Bundle gifts and Pairs Scotland


Let us take the hard work out of gift giving and head to our website to put together a bundle for your nearest and dearest…..