Affiliates Assemble

Affiliates Assemble

Would you like to work with us? 

Have you had a go at wearing our socks and become as hooked as we are? Do you have an engaged following on social media that would love to hear about us? 


For those who don’t know us, we are a luxury socks brand that specialises in alpaca, mohair and cashmere socks. We believe that a mundane moment in the day like putting on a pair of socks can be elevated to an unexpectedly joyful occasion with our sumptuous warm and soft yet hard wearing socks. Putting on your socks can be a moment you look forward to just like a coffee in the sunshine or a relax in the bath.

You need to try our fibres to really understand what the fuss is about. Mohair is known as the diamond fibre and is ultra tough yet hard wearing. We recommend our mohair socks for busy feet. They are great for charging around and can be popped into the machine and washed with a standard wash. Our alpaca socks are super soft and need a bit more TLC but feel like a complete treat for the feet. 

We are a super small team at PAIRS and as much as we shout from the mountain tops of Perthshire about how much we love our socks, our voices can only be heard so far…..So we are looking to hear from people who get it and get us. If you like the look of us and we like the look of you then we will send you a box of socks and give you a discount code to share with your followers, as well as a commission on sales. 

If all that sounds super then please head HERE and fill in your details and we will be in touch with you.