How To Care For Your Mohair Socks

How To Care For Your Mohair Socks

Our mohair socks are beautiful and our capsule collection of different colour ways can enhance any outfit. Check out our collection to see for yourself. 

But they are not just great to look at. They are a very special sock, here's why.

Mohair socks have some incredible properties and we think of them as a real ‘workhorse of a sock’. Look after them well and they will last for years. 

We often get asked ‘how can I best look after my mohair socks?’ 

mohair sock care


Mohair is a great wool fibre to use for socks, as it is made up of the protein keratin. The scales on the keratin are flat, unlike the scales on sheep’s wool. This means that mohair has a wonderfully smooth surface which makes it soft and gives it a high lustre (making it great for dyeing into wonderful colours). It also makes the socks super hard wearing and antibacterial, which means that bacteria can’t get into the sock. 

All of the above means that you don’t actually need to wash your mohair socks until they have had a few wears. They won’t smell and they can actually feel nicer once the fibres have relaxed after an hour or so. 

So how do I wash mohair socks? 

Mohair socks machine wash at 40℃ - no hotter or you will shrink them. We recommend you either machine wash them or hand wash them. If you machine wash them, check your detergent doesn’t contain enzymes, as these can break down the fibres. We recommend using a gentle spin and washing dark colours separately, at least initially. 

Line dry your mohair socks, do not tumble dry them or they risk shrinking. 
If you follow the instructions above then your socks won’t shrink and will have minimal piling. If you do shrink your socks slightly then soaking them in a bit of hair conditioner can give them a new lease of life.

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