How To Care For Your Alpaca Socks

How To Care For Your Alpaca Socks

We are in love with our alpaca socks! They are sumptuous soft and make our feet feel pampered all day.

We have a wonderful undyed collection, which showcases the natural colours of the alpacas. Did you know that they come in over 20 unique colours? We also have some super soft bed socks ,which are the ultimate loungewear, whether it’s working from home, watching a movie or catching forty winks. 

We often get asked how to care for our alpaca socks. 

how to care for alpaca sockshow to care for alpaca bed socks

The first thing to say is that due to the flat structure of the proteins within the alpaca wool, they don’t absorb bacteria in the same way that sheep’s wool does. Why does this matter? Well it means that you can wear them for days on end without washing them and they won’t smell! Don’t believe us? Give it a try….

Of course you will want to wash them every so often. So what are the washing instructions? 

We recommend washing your socks at no greater than 30℃ either by handwashing them or washing them on a gentle cycle. A gentle cycle will reduce agitation to the fibres. 

The colours shouldn’t run but we recommend washing dark colours separately. You wouldn’t want dye from your jeans to run into your beautiful cream undyed alpacas…..

We recommend reshaping the socks while damp and leaving them to air dry. Do not tumble dry them or dry them on a direct heat surface, like an aga or radiator. 

Looked after well, your alpaca socks will last for years. And it will feel like a treat every time you put them on. We hope they bring you unexpected joy!

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