Give a FREE pair!

Give a FREE pair!

As the sun sets on summer we're definitely ready for autumn. Are your friends?

Yes, we really have launched a scheme where you can send a friend a free pair of socks. Read on to find out how you can take part. 

We understand that our socks are a luxury. Woven in the UK out of super fibres in traditional mills, they are a slow fashion choice for those who want to feel a bit of luxury between their toes. At PAIRS we have become known for our mohair socks, our alpaca everyday socks and also our bed socks


Our mission is to move people away from cheap, disposable cotton socks, which never feel that comfortable and wear out quickly and frankly aren’t good for the planet. 

Often our customers come to us because they were given a pair, and they want more. You have to see them,  feel them and wear them to ‘get it’. 

For that reason we have launched our ‘give a free pair’ scheme. Simply head HERE on our website at and fill in YOUR details and then follow the instructions. Your friend will receive an email informing them that you have sent her a free pair, which she will be entitled to when she makes a purchase from us. This essentially means that if she buys a pair, she will get one free (from you). What could be nicer than to have a couple of pairs for the price of one to start off the dream sock drawer? 


In the next couple of weeks I’ll be looking at how to ‘autumn clean’ your sock draw for the season and how to generally spruce up your wardrobe. We will look how to have a good clear out,  how many pairs you actually need and how to organise and store them.