The Joys of Autumn

The Joys of Autumn

I loved Alice’s email to our clan of subscribers recently about why she loved ‘back to school’ time and that it wasn’t about children. While I can’t agree with her entirely, after 9 weeks of school holidays, a house move and a hospital drama, I can absolutely agree with the shift in mood as the season changes and we gear up for Autumn.

It has been a long, albeit wet, summer for me and Alice steadfastly steered the good ship PAIRS marvellously during my sporadic office attendance. But as September dawned I felt a wave of energy and optimism. It felt like a fresh start, a moment to gather my notepad and list all the things I want to achieve before the end of the year. Much like the new year or the spring equinox when we get a chance to review and reset our goals.

For me, it feels exciting to be thinking about cosying in, preparing for winter and all the fun events that lead up to the end of the year. We have lots exciting products coming your way that are going to keep you warm and cosy so that is focusing our attention here in the office but it’s important to remember life outside the office, ourselves and those around us too.

Some find this time of year daunting, as the days become shorter and weather turns, it can feel lonely and Seasonal Affective Disorder  (SAD) can creep in at the prospect. There was a great article in The Times about beating seasonal anxiety and The Big SAD Survery and my main takeaways are this:

  1. Expose yourself to the sound and sight of water - this is a big one for me. I’ve even moved house to be near the water. I absolutely love the vastness of the loch and changing colours and weather across it. I find it incredibly beautiful and calming. But a simple walk along a river or a canal will do the trick too.
  2. Take a walk / be outside in the morning light - I am delighted to hear that in order to boost your mood hardcore, intensive excersise is not necessary. A simple 10-15 minute walk through the trees or park is perfect. We are surrounded by trees at home now, almost too many as the property has been left unattended for some years so we are all enjoying spending time outside clearing overgrown bushes and rhododendrons, building bonfires and showing the boys how to be strong and resourceful with what we have on our doorstep now.
  3. Embrace the autumn colours - I would extend this to embrace all autumn activities. The rich colours around us are hugely inspirational (lots of our sock colours are reminiscent of this time of year) but not just the leaves turning colour but the unctuous stews filled with wine bubbling on top my rayburn, and the fire light warming the soon to be painted sitting room! On a walk a couple of days ago the fog was so thick you couldn’t see the loch but as the sun was desperately trying to break through, it’s light cast across thousands of spider webs twinkling in the dewy bracken that grows in abundance along the road side here. It was like someone had open a can of Halloween silly string everywhere!
Autumn gif

There was another point about drinking more coffee but Alice and I are trying to stick to one really good cup in the mornings. We’ve always had that as one of the joyful moments in our day and we don’t need to jitters!

I love all the seasons. I love that the year is punctuated with so many beautiful moments and opportunities to set new goals. Even if they are as simple of as cooking a delicious stew to feed everyone at home over the week in various guises, baking too much yummy bread or having the excuse to have more cosy baths in the evening before snuggling up in the your bed socks on the sofa to watch something on the telly.

I’m excited for Autumn and all that it brings and I hope you are too.

Anna x