You Can't Give Socks as Gifts

You Can't Give Socks as Gifts

Well we beg to differ! We are, after all, a company based in the unpredictable climes of Britain. But more importantly, in our opinion, we make socks that are a cut above the rest, which are the perfect addition to everyone's sock drawers, while making the perfect gift.


Up here in Scotland we are now officially on summer holidays and so begins the task of entertaining our children and buttering up grandparents to take them for a day here or there or in my case a week of I can chance it!

Friends and family are a lifeline during these long summer weeks, where the juggle of work and childcare is an extreme sport. So we are always on the hunt for lovely gifts to show our appreciation and believe it or not sometimes we forget we can gift our own PAIRS socks to our own Nanny McPhee's.

There'll also be plenty of traveling about the country to catch up with friends and family, which is always such a joy. So the car will be laden up with beautiful PAIRS boxes to give our hosts and hostesses.


It has always been important to us that all our customers receive a fantastic shopping experience and service, which is why our attention to detail with our packaging is a top priority. This means you can confidently order a lovely gift knowing it will arrive beautifully packaged (and it is all recyclable) and your, or your children's, hostess will be delighted at your thoughtful and stylish present.

It's all in the detail! Expect beautifully folded tissue with a lovely little sticker, a useful card with all the information they'll need to look after their socks all in a fun Pairs Scotland box for that extra wow factor. Even before they've discovered the amazing socks you'll have got all the brownie points.