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Why We Love Mohair

We often get asked about mohair and why it is such a great yarn to use in making socks, as opposed to wool and cotton. 

Mohair is quite simply the reason we started PAIRS Scotland. Once we tried mohair socks on our feet we found it impossible to go back to our standard cotton. Our customers often tell us that they love our socks. Once you start wearing mohair, you feel you have discovered it….

Known as ‘the diamond fibre’ mohair is incredibly strong (much stronger than sheep’s wool, cotton or cashmere). It comes from the Angora goat, which is incredibly soft, but also used to withstanding extreme temperatures and therefore mohair socks are incredibly good at keeping your feet warm. 

The mohair fibre has a high sheen and lustre and takes dye incredibly well which enabled us to create a capsule collection of incredible coloured socks.

Mohair is a unique fibre, it has antibacterial properties which means it doesn’t smell. You can wear a pair of our mohair socks for a few days before you need to wash them.

Given the strength of the mohair yarn, a pair of our socks, if looked after well, will last a long long time. We love the fact that they are washable at 40 ℃ and can go into the normal wash cycle. 

PAIRS Scotland is based in the rural hills of Perthshire at the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. When we’re not running the company you’ll find us on country walks, pulling boots on and off, tearing around after naughty dogs and nipping into Edinburgh or Glasgow for a look at those bright lights occasionally. It has been the perfect testing ground for our sock collections.

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