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Having a Blue Monday? How to Find the Unexpected Joy in the everyday.

January has always been a difficult time for many. It can impose inward-looking reflection and life evaluation. The joy of Christmas feels long gone, resolutions have been made, resolutions have been broken. In normal years, however, the diary is scattered with life events to look forward to - perhaps weddings, birthday parties, holidays. Instead the diary this year makes for short reading…

This month PAIRS co-founder Alice chatted to Dr Rachel Allan, a Chartered Counselling Psychologist based in Glasgow about Blue Monday, January 2021, uncertain times and how we can feel more in control. 


Life at the moment can feel like we are running a marathon but have no idea where the finish line is. We all bid an indifferent farewell to 2020 - no love lost there, and yet 2021 hasn’t exactly turned up trumps yet, with an attack on democracy in the US and a return to full lockdown in the UK. And we are not even three weeks in….

What can we do to find some unexpected joy in the everyday Rachel?


In these uncertain times, it is natural for us to focus on all the things that seem out of our control. When we face challenges and uncertainty over such a prolonged period of time, one of the most helpful things we can do is focus on what we can control.


In a world where we have no idea what tomorrow will bring, we can take an enormous amount of comfort and pleasure i what we can control So what do you suggest?


We need to look at steps to enhance the small things we already do to support ourselves. For example,

  1. How we relate to ourselves

  2. How we treat ourselves

  3. How we take care of ourselves

These are all good things we can all reflect on.


At PAIRS Scotland we produce really soft but long-lasting alpaca and mohair socks. They are a little everyday luxury, that brings unexpected joy every time they are worn. Can we bring in these types of sensory experiences to enhance our mood?


We all need our own ways of soothing ourselves when we feel overwhelmed. Using our senses to connect with interesting and comforting things in our environment can be a small but important way of ground ourselves, and to feel soothed.


We’ve been delighted with the response from customers who have taken great joy from having warm and comfortable feet over these past months. Whether they are working from home, lazing on the sofa, out for a walk or grabbing a coffee in the sunshine our socks seem to have provided a bit of luxury and comfort which has really added to their days. 


Opportunities to provide care and kind deeds to others are important. But it is just as important to take opportunities to be kind towards ourselves.


You’re right, it’s been a wonderful side dialogue that we could only have hoped for but it’s been a lasting theme providing small pleasures for customers. These really aren’t just any socks!

We’ll remember your words though and make sure we are kind to ourselves too.

Thank you so much for talking with us today Rachel.

For more information about Rachel’s work www.rachelallanconsultancy.com

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