Admit It - You Have a Problem.

Admit It - You Have a Problem.

My name is Anna and I have a problem. I love NOTEBOOKS. I have at least ten that are used in rotation for various things. They lie open upside down to keep my place, I've added extra ribbons to others, they are stacked with precarious piles of books I'm reading and taking notes from and can be found in every room of the house. But I know exactly where each one is and what is in it....mostly!

A quick run through of my top 5:

1) My work notebook - not pretty and bulging with loose papers with additional notes.

2) My 5 year diary - totally beautiful and one that I am now into my second year of writing and greatly encouraged to write in every day (or more likely a round up each week).

3) My gardening notebook - totally scruffy and warped as it lives in the greenhouse and reminds me that, although I am still in my 30s (just) I am actually generations older in my head and totally obsessed with my garden!

4) Super Hero diary - this is a very special A4 lined notebook that we fill in as a family each new year with all the fun things we have done in the year and all the things we want to do in the following year. It's a huge family affair, done over a huge brunch of goodies and naturally we all need to dress up as super heroes.

5) Learning Journal - this is a bit like the super hero one but more for me and all the amazing things I want to learn and do. It reminds me that I am more than a mother, a wife and a business partner. It is filled with creative ideas, books, courses, travels I want to do. Some I've started, some I will, some I will continue to dream about.

I have a mass of others where notes are taken on subjects that interest me, from my herbal tea garden that I first grew last year, to habits I've tried to instill into my routine (of the 14 I try, 9 are now daily habits so it does work!) to the long dreamed of chickens that are finally arriving.

There's loads of things notebooks can be used for and our MAY FREE GIFT is really beautiful and sure to inspire you to get scribbling.

Some more ideas for notebooks for those that aren't as obsessed as me:

Dream diary, sketchbook, health tracker, food journal, bullet journal, book list, restaurant list, recipe ideas, bucket list, travel journal and creative writing notes.

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