The Perfect Choice for Everyday Wear : Our New Bamboo Collection

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Why we love Bamboo

Light weight on your feet - our bamboo socks are super light weight, you won't know you are wearing them!

Perfect 'in between season' sock - we love wearing our bamboo socks all year round but particularly at this time of year.

Superior Comfort - Bamboo is known for its softness and breathability, offering outstanding comfort.

Moisture-Wicking - Like our other products, expect excellent moisture management to keep your feet fresh and dry all day long.

Hypoallergenic - Bamboo is generally suitable for sensitive skin.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Versatile - Ideal for any activity, from outdoor adventures to everyday wear.

Why 15,000+ customers love PAIRS socks...

  • Your feet will never feel the same

    Our customers tell us that once they have tried PAIRS they can't go back to normal socks.

  • Long lasting

    Our socks last a long time. Buy less and buy better!

  • Super soft

    We search high and low for the best fibres for our socks - making them super soft.

  • It's the little things that matter

    We believe it's the little things in life that bring you joy, like a coffee in the sunshine, a dip in a loch or slipping your feet into our incredibly comfy socks.

What else is included?

  • FREE UK Shipping

    We offer free shipping on all overs over £50.

  • Free Calf Length Bamboo Socks

    Sign up to our email list for a free pair of calf length bamboo socks with your bundle.

  • lambswool bed socks blue cream and green and a box

    Stylish Eco Friendly Packaging

    Our socks come beautifully wrapped in tissue and boxed.



How long do your socks last?

We source the best fibres for our socks and knit them in family run mills. Our socks when looked after well will last a long time.

What size should I go for?

Our sizing is unisex, with small (UK 4-8), and large (UK 9-13). The sizing is however quite flexible, so if you are at the top end of a size, the size above is likely to still fit you and you may choose to size up. 

I have cold feet. Will these help?

We use natural fibres as the hero yarn in our socks. The properties of which are very clever in regulating the temperature of our feet.

What can bamboo socks be used for?

Bamboo is a great all rounder everyday sock - great for an active lifestyle.

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