Children's Lilac Merino Socks


This pretty lilac colour gives a wonderful pop of colour! Merino is an excellent fibre for active lifestyles, making them perfect socks for our children and their friends. These are incredibly soft on their feet, so no more complaining about itchy, scratchy toes. The magical properties of merino wool mean that they will regulate their foot temperature as well, keeping them cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. So they get on with their play while we get on with adulting. Plus they come in a host of gorgeous colours to suit everyone’s taste, not that we have fussy children of course….

And just like our other natural fibre socks you will not need to wash these everyday and can be worn for two to three days on the trot.

Style: Lightweight, calf length, smooth design with a shallow top rib.

Size: UK Children's 12-3

Girl in a jacket


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