Why I Sleep Better In Bed Socks, Even In Summer!

Why I Sleep Better In Bed Socks, Even In Summer!

Hands up who else has indadvertedly continued to sleep in their alpaca bed socks right up to, and beyond, mid summer? 

This morning, as I stretched myself awake, I was accused of being ridiculous. On enquiring whether it was my beautiful silk eye mask, my dusty pink weighted blanket or my v-shaped pillow that had upset my husband in particular (for I have many sleep aids to combat my feather light sleep patterns), I was informed it was my bed socks.

So accustomed am I now to slipping on my softest alpaca socks at bedtime, it never occurred to me that I didn't need the warmth of them now that we were in the middle of summer.

So what has made me reach for my bedsocks every night?

Even for Scotland it is pretty warm at the moment but yet, I wasn't getting sweaty feet at night. My natural wool alpaca socks were doing magical things to my sleep pattern while regulating the temperature of, not just my feet, but apparently my whole body; those weighted blankets are not known for their breathability!

Sleep health is incredibly important and as a busy mum I rank my bed socks extremely highly as tools for keeping my sanity.

I am a creature of habit, I live by my routine and my self care rituals. I love the fact that my stack of alpaca bed socks in their soft and natural hues sit invitingly by my bed alongside my book, alarm clock and, at this time of year, a posey of fragrant David Austen roses.

alpaca wool bed socks for better sleep

Bed socks are like comfort blankets for the mind body and soul. Honestly, anything that helps me sleep and stay in the land of nod is a winner in my book. Especially if I feel special as I slip them on, feeling their luxuriousness as I drift off.

Pairs Scotland lifestyle blog by Anna Wilson