What Makes June so Unexpectedly Joyful for Us?

What Makes June so Unexpectedly Joyful for Us?

Everything we strive to do at PAIRS has always come down to things that bring us joy. Otherwise on is the point of pouring your heart and soul into a business?! This must transcend into day to day life as well.

We're nearly half way through June and I've been looking back on the last few weeks, pulling out the moments of unexpectedly joyful things to share with you. Like watching the duckling grow and I bet there's a few similar things in here that have also brought you joy.


First off, I have a mountain of thank you cards to write for all the fun and games we had over the Jubilee weekend. I confess, writing thank you notes is akin to doing my expenses, I will put it off for as long as possible until the guilt is too much to endure. Then I find huge pleasure and unexpected joy at reminiscing over the event and what fun I had in a thoroughly gushing OTT manner. I am still in the process of designing and pinning down my perfect notelets but until then another joyful event of searching for fun cards in our local shops and staying for a lovely cup of tea or a cheeky bacon roll.


We've had some pretty dubious weather up here this month with blazing sunshine followed by ninja showers and wind. We have to be prepared for everything at any given moment! However it does mean everywhere is bursting with lush greenery, vibrant wild flowers, heady, earthy smells and buzzing bees. Walks have never been so joyful but definitely still require wellies or study boots so both my alpaca and mohair socks are very much still operational.


Both Alice and I saw some of the 'grown-ups' in our lives this weekend. People who are always there, who consistency float in and out, checking in with us and indulging the children in a way that was never tolerated when we were young! They've definitely all softened with time and wisdom. It is always joyful to see them.

Last night saw the greatest joy of all.... picking my first roses of the season. Filling the room with their incredible smell while their soft blooms collect on the shelf below in such a way that you can't be annoyed as it looks so romantic. 


Honestly, it really is the little things that bring such joy.

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