Sneak Peek of our new Collections

Sneak Peek of our new Collections

Yesterday we spent an idyllic day in the studio garden giving our friends a sneak peek of our new top secret new collections which are launching in August this year. We gathered under a cream awning, shading ourselves from the bright Perthshire sunshine with large rhododendron bushes in the foreground and the Perthshire hills in the background. What a glorious and unexpectedly joyful day with friends, steaming coffee, glorious views and new socks….

What are our new collections I hear you ask…..

We can’t give too much away ahead of a press launch in July but I can tell you that we’ve got some wonderful new colours of alpaca socks to add to our existing range of calf length everyday socks.

We may (wink wink!) also be adding some new colours to our bed sock collection to cosy up in this autumn. Our bed socks have been hugely popular this year with customers telling us they just wear them in place of slippers. We even pop them on under a pair of boots to head out into the hills.

And ladies, cashmere…… Oh yes! Scotland is known for it’s cashmere mills and the cashmere sock has to be the height of absolute luxury. We are SO excited.

We also have a brand new men’s and women’s collection of alpaca socks which we can’t wait to tell you about.

What an absolute joy to see real people again and to share a moment in the garden with them. We can’t wait to tell you about our new socks too. Watch this space…...

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