I love my new cashmere bed socks!

I love my new cashmere bed socks!

I took (early!) delivery of my new pair of cashmere bed socks from the new range on Friday and big confession coming….I haven’t been able to take them off since. I have totally disregarded the care instructions and have been charging around in them during the day and lazing around on our new corner sofa in the evening. I like to recline in the corner, on a faux fur rug, which perfectly matches my silver cashmere socks. It’s the height of luxury. Often I like to imagine that someone brings me a gin. Sometimes they do. 


When we think about cashmere bed socks, we think of cold evenings, we think of luxuriating on the sofa, we think of baths, early nights, we think of log fires, we think of bubbles (bath and in a glass), we think about short days and long nights, we think about candles, we think about self care, we think about popping out for a drink with a friend, we think about magazines, novels, we think about films and netflix, we think about someone else cooking, we think about mindfulness, we think about re-charging, we think about taking time out to be the best we can. 

How unexpectedly joyful is that? 

We have been absolutely delighted to work with a traditional Scottish mill to put together our new collection of cashmere bed socks. From deep rural Scotland to your feet, these socks have been spun with great expertise and care. The soft, free flowing water in Scotland allows our mill to make the softest of cashmere products, untarnished by unnecessary chemicals. The entire process from dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting and finishing is done in house by master craftsmen. We couldn’t be prouder to work with this mill to produce our AW21 collection. 


PAIRS Scotland has become known for the most incredible alpaca bed socks, which are super soft yet hard wearing. They can essentially be worn as slipper socks or a replacement for slippers. We have even slung on our boots and headed out in our bed socks (sshhh!) There’s something of the ultimate comfort. Provided you take care washing your alpaca socks, then there is no reason why they won’t last well. The alpaca fibres are long, and make tough socks. 

Our cashmere bed socks are a bit different. They are designed as a treat for the feet, rather than as a replacement for everyday socks. They are best worn around the house inside moccasins or slippers. The delicate fibres could become damaged if worn in shoes. Think Saturday night at home, rather than Thursday afternoon school run.

We have an exciting range of colour ways to work with any outfit. The socks are knit with 90% cashmere and 10% nylon. Why the nylon? Well it adds strength and makes a longer lasting product which looked after well will stand the test of time. 


When I think of the ultimate luxury, I think of time, I think of beautifully boxed gifts, I think of hot baths, I think of bubbles, I think of thick cotton sheets, I think of cashmere. We are so excited to bring this range to you and can’t wait for your feedback!

Alice x